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Deceitful SEO Tactics That Destroy Your Page Ranking

Implementing the deceitful and unethical SEO tactics is one of the fastest ways that impacts negatively on your SEO efforts. These are also known as black hat tactics or techniques. Google and other search engines are evolving methods to track those people who are implementing these techniques. The basic goal of search engine is to deliver the quality and meaningful information to its users, so the Google and other search engines are continuously looking out to weed and penalize those sites who are attempting to cheat the system and the users of search engines.

In this article, It is discussed about the most common techniques or practices that the search engines punish and impact negatively your SEO efforts.

 Link to low quality sites: Bad back linking is something which is penalized by search engines. Having those sites which are linked to you and have nothing to do with your site or niche is considered as an unethical SEO method and hence is penalized by search engines. Linking to relevant sites provides the best user experience and hence it is rewarded. You can use the various tools like Google analytics, backlink checker tools etc to check the relevancy of backlinks.

 Building links too quickly: When you build the links too quickly, there there are good chances that your SEO ranking might shoot up quickly, but at the same time it will shoot down back again. Once you are caught, the ranking of your site drops down, therefore donít build the links too quickly.

 Redundant or poorly written content: The content you write for your website is an essential and the basic component for which people search on internet. Depending upon the quality and the length of the content, people will visit and share your content. Besides this the content should be unique i.e. it should not be copied from any other place or site. Therefore, it is essential to create an effective and lengthy content written in clear way, rather that writing a redundant and a short content.

 Purchasing older domains: Purchasing the older domains that are relevant to their site and create the links on your site from those domains is not a recommended practice. In a nutshell, there is no shortcut to SEO that will wind up the working in SEO. Concentrate and pace yourself effectively, while building SEO for your site and focus on quality instead of quantity.

 Keyword stuffing: While writing the content, you must not overstuff the keywords as overstuffing the keywords loses the meanings of sentences and makes the content clumsy. It is essential to maintain the quantity of the keywords in the content, it should neither be too less and nor be too much. Besides this, you should try to choose the less competitive (which are mostly searched by people) and longtail keywords as this will bring you more traffic.

Summary: You must avoid using these black hat techniques to achieve good ranking in search engine results.

Author Bio :- Sabrina is a Content writer in SEO RANK SMART, It is a good SEO Rank smart Provide Seo Rank Smart to its clients.
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