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Easy Ways To Promote Your Site Via Link Building

Today, the web is comprised of billions and trillions of links but the fundamental factor which matters the most for website traffic and search engine ranking is who links to your website and how they link to it. Therefore, the ways through which link building is done matters more. The quality of the links matter not the quantity. In this article it is discussed about the tips or ways for how to get started with link building :

• Create a blog: Content is the major asset, when it comes to links. Creating the content regularly not only help to build the links internally but also helps to build the links naturally. Creating a blog will help you to implement all the above strategies like linking out. If you want to survive in today’s online environment, then there is an absolute need to create a blog.
• Internal linking: Try to make as many pages and posts as you can and interlink each other for relevant keywords. Internal linking plays a significant role in link building, as in this linking the control is in our hands right from location to the anchor text. Ensure that you don’t use the exact anchor-text in your site navigation as this is considered as a spam technique.
• Ask for links to the people you know: Ask to your clients, friends, employees, relatives, business partners or anyone else whom you know for the link on their website, if they have any. But remember the website must be relevant to your niche.
• Make linking to you easier: You must make it easier for the people, if you want them to link to you. Make HTML ready snippets as it makes it easier for the others to plug-in because there are some people who might not be too web-savvy.
• Research your competitors: Competitors research is important as it will help you know about your competitors and what they are doing in the current market. You are doing this research to leave them behind in search results. Besides this, research will help you know about the keywords which they are using to reach at the top of search results.
• Build strong relationships: Try to know the people as many as possible and then build relationships with those people as they will come back in the form of links. Link building is like real life- it is about who you know, and not about what you know. Therefore, try to build relationships with right people not fake people.
• Paid directories: There are some directories which ask for money for accepting and adding the links in their listings. There are some directories which pass reasonable and some offer little, but they are not worth your time and money.
• Niche Specific directories: niche specific directories are those which accept only the sites which meet particular topic criteria. For instance, one directory might be there which only accept the sites related to automotive. These directories can be paid and can be free.

 Summary: You can save your site ranking from dropping, if you hire a professional SEO expert from the beginning. This will save your site from losing your positioning on search engines.

Author Bio :- Guneet Singh is SEO manager of SEO RANK SMART, A Internet Marketing Company based in New Delhi, India. SEO Rank Smart is specializes in helping small, medium and larger companies with Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Social Media and other important online marketing strategies.
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