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On-Page Optimization Actions For A Good Head Start To Your Website Success

Most of the search engines want high quality signals that are naturally produced by good on-page optimization and viral nature of internet which leads to higher click rates and well structured pages having high integrity. If you structure the articles with high quality then not only the search engines will reward you with higher ranking but the users will also reward you by purchasing your products or hiring your services. Our major goal is to implement such actions that will provide positive results through on-page optimization techniques.

• Make your website user friendly: Your website must be created in a user friendly way so as to increase the engagement and interaction with the people and better conversion rate. To do this, you should make use of call to action buttons in your website. These are the buttons which when clicked by the visitors pull them towards that path which you have chosen for the user. It can be a “sign up” button, “call for free quote” button, “download now” button etc. If doing so, the users are still bouncing back, then try to know that where the users are focusing on your website and then place those call to action buttons on those places. Create clean design which is easily understandable and readable. Ensure that the images and the videos are of high quality and are optimized. Make use of soothing color combination which found appealing to the eyes of visitors. Use the meaningful and unique content on your website. In a nutshell, use each and every thing on your website in a perfect way which is both search engine and user friendly.

• Use effective coding so that the search engines can easily index the content: Before publishing the content, check the integrity of your website. Improper use of tags, invalid codes, unclosed tags and bad nesting structures will make your site inconsistent and may impede the ability of search engines to extract your content properly. The solution to making great pages is to minimize the use of coding and to maximize the use of content so that the space taken by the raw amount of tags and script gets reduced in comparison to the amount of content that is to be read by the users.

• Apply short and relevant Meta tags and use the most appropriate descriptions: Make use of relevant keywords in your Meta tags and description tags but don’t overstuff them with the keywords as it can affect the ranking of your website badly. You must use the most popular keywords of the content in Meta tags and must also ensure that the keywords are optimally or evenly distributed in your content and that too in a natural way. If you overstuff your content with keywords then your site might get penalized by search engine. So, don’t use it and balance the keywords in your content and search engines will love it.

• Decrease the loading time: In the world of HTML 5 and CSS3 which are bringing great levels of animations and interactivity, it is also easy to get caught up in a design which slows down the loading speed of the website and hence takes more time to get open. This slow loading speed of websites is the biggest cause of higher bounce rates. User skips from your site and will go to another site for extracting the information. Therefore it is necessary to evaluate which scripts, social plug-ins and animations are decisive to our website and which are not. Remove all unnecessary plug-in, animations and script to fasten its loading speed.

Summary: There are numerous on-page optimization actions which can give a good head start to your website and hence will help to bring more traffic and increase the customers.

Author Bio :- Guneet Singh is SEO manager of SEO RANK SMART, A Internet Marketing Company based in New Delhi, India. SEO Rank Smart is specializes in helping small, medium and larger companies with Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Social Media and other important online marketing strategies.
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