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Effective SEO tasks to be performed

SEO is a task which makes posts friendlier to search engines and due to this search engine crawlers can crawl your website easily and gather all the important information so as to rank well on search results. It is true that, your posts will come on the top of search results, if search engine crawlers are able to send the information about your posts easily. So, we always think that how search engines find the posts, scan it and collect the information to index it. There are various tasks which is to be performed so as to optimize the blogs and posts for search engines, to bring them on the first page of search results. In this post, it is discussed about some important SEO tasks that need to be performed to rank well in search results. These are as follows and are mostly performed by all professional SEO companies :
• Sitemap.xml and sitemap.html
• Images and alt tag
• SEO title and description

Sitemaps: Sitemaps are of two types- Sitemap.xml and sitemap.html. Sitemaps are the great way to navigate over a website. It tells about all the pages in your website. Sitemap.xml tells search engine crawlers about the pages whereas sitemap.html tells the users about the pages in the website. The presence of sitemaps makes it easier for both the users and search crawlers to navigate over the website.

How to generate site maps:

• The option of sitemap may be present in your theme: If you select a premium theme like thesis, then this option enables sitemaps option in theme. check
• The option of sitemap is present in your SEO plug-in: If you have already installed SEO plugins like Word Press SEO by Yoast , then there you can find the option of sitemap.
• Install plug-in for sitemap: if your theme doesn’t have an option of sitemap, then you can install the sitemap plug-ins like Google XML sitemaps.

Images and alt tags: Images make your blog more attractive and the images are liked by both the users and search engines. So, make use of appropriate images within your blog. The problem is that Google and other search engines can’t see the content on the image. So you must help the search engines so that they can crawl the content on the images. You can do this by inserting the information about the image in the ALT tag.
SEO Title and description: Most of the people consider Post titles and SEO titles as one and the same thing but in reality they are entirely different.
SEO titles: These titles are those which are grabbed by the search engine crawlers while crawling the blog and are used to display the result pages on search engine.
Post Titles: These titles are those titles which are displayed in the blog, once it is published. Therefore you should try to make it more attractive from the reader’s point of view.

How to insert a SEO Title?

After knowing this interesting fact, obviously, you must want to know how to insert SEO title. To insert the SEO title, you need to install SEO plug-in like Word Press SEO by Yoast in your blog. This is one of the best plug-in as it is effective and is not heavy on the resources.
 Summary: To make your blog, search engine friendly, you must perform all the three tasks mentioned above. For effective internet marketing, it is important to make the blog search engine friendly. Various SEO companies provide different SEO packages which include all the three tasks mentioned above, which leads to effective internet marketing.
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